Let the Good Times Roll

It’s easy to get onboard the idea of a free, eco-friendly ride service.

How it Works

Simply use The Nickel Ride App to request a ride within the bustling downtown districts we serve. Our vetted, full-time employees will pick you up in our eco-friendly vehicles, 7 days per week.

Not only do you get where you want to go (for free), you’re supporting the businesses that advertise with The Nickel Ride while basically saving the planet (a little).

Wow, that’s rad.

So the next time you need to get around your downtown, request the eco-friendly option that’s free of charge (and fumes).

Get the App

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Could This Be Love?

Ready to take our relationship to the next level? Awe Shucks.

Join our Rider’s Club (it’s easy) and every month, we’ll send a little Nickel Ride love note to your inbox, in the form of special offers from incredible local businesses. Go on, get yourself something nice.

Get Onboard

Looking for the catch? Sorry, there isn’t one. Our rideshare service really is free to use, all the time, paid for by our advertisers in and around our service areas. And our vehicles really are good for the environment, but not because anyone paid us to do that. We’re just really into breathing clean air and we’re hoping it catches on.