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The Nickel Ride Hires Chief Technology Officer to Fast-track Development of Mobile and Digital Platforms

The Nickel Ride, an innovative and eco-friendly transportation service that connects your community with local commerce, today announced the appointment of Sven Hermann to the newly created role of Chief Technology Officer. He will be responsible for the design, architecture, and implementation of The Nickel Ride’s mobile applications and digital business platforms. Sven reports to the CEO and Founder, Judah Longgrear, as a member of the executive team.

Sven has an extensive background in Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering that has propelled him to where he is today. He has a proven track record of success in the digital and technical space, which allows him to bring a wealth of knowledge to the team. He is the perfect candidate to continue improving on The Nickel Ride’s existing mobile app as well as the future release of The Nickel Ride’s Nickelytics platform that will change the way businesses interact with their target audiences.

Based on how fast The Nickel Ride is growing and given the scope of technology we’re trying to incorporate into our existing business model, it was time to bring in a strong CTO to help us reach our goals faster,” said Judah Longgrear, CEO, and Founder of The Nickel Ride. “Sven brings an enormous amount of experience and resources to our team. I’m super excited to have a dedicated asset focusing solely on The Nickel Ride’s technology. I’m confident his efforts to improve on our current mobile app and build out our Nickelytics platform with help The Nickel Ride continue to be the #1 choice for cities looking for an innovative way to enhance their community’s experience with their city.”

Prior to joining The Nickel Ride, Sven spent over a decade and a half working with Fortune 100 companies and multiple startups while also pursuing various personal entrepreneurial endeavors to enhance his skills as an entrepreneur. He’s extremely passionate about technology, which is why he loves trying to solve problems he encounters in life with technology. “It’s very simple” is Sven’s classic response to any complication situation, because regardless of how complicated the case may be, he possesses a unique ability to break down complex problems into simple and actionable tasks that anyone can understand. This rare quality and many more are what make Sven the right fit for the fast-growing startup that is The Nickel Ride.

I remember visiting The Nickel Ride website one year ago after I saw one of their cool vehicles drive by me for the first time in Downtown Fort Myers,” said Hermann. “At that moment I realized that this was a unique concept, with massive potential. The Nickel Ride, as it stands today is amazing from many angles. However, once I talked to Judah and the team about their vision for the company, it became blatantly clear to me that at its core, The Nickel Ride is a technology company. I feel honored to be entrusted, as their new CTO, with the tasks of architecting and implementing a scalable enterprise technology platform for The Nickel Ride. Between our mobile apps, our advertisement-partner portal, and our rich ad analytics platform, we are bringing a new experience to the communities we serve. Fun times are ahead, and I am looking forward to being an integral part of this exciting future at The Nickel Ride.

About The Nickel Ride:
Launched in 2017, The Nickel Ride was founded by a team dedicated to developing an eco-friendly transportation service to support local communities while also supporting local businesses. The management team brings over 20 years of combined experience and success from the technology, marketing, advertising, and communication industries. In less than a year’s time, The Nickel Ride has become a leader in urban mobility. Today, The Nickel Ride is quickly becoming a must-have attraction in communities that recognize the benefit this innovative transportation service brings to its community members and visiting tourists. The Nickel Ride’s mission is to be the leading provider in offering free community-based ridesharing services throughout the nation. The Nickel Ride hopes to inspire people to refrain from using automobiles and other forms of carbon-emitting transportation to travel within their local communities. By leveraging The Nickel Ride, people can do their part to help reduce their carbon footprint, reduce traffic congestion in high-density downtown areas, and support local commerce.

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