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The Nickel Ride Hires Chief Marketing Officer to Bring Additional Talent to Executive Team

The Nickel Ride, an innovative and eco-friendly transportation service that connects your community with local commerce, today announced the appointment of Shawn O’Brien to the newly created role of Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for The Nickel Ride’s national and global marketing efforts. Shawn reports to the CEO and Founder, Judah Longgrear, as a member of the executive team.

Having proven his capabilities at several successful Boston technology startups, Shawn will now oversee the company’s marketing strategy in order to capitalize on new opportunities, drive revenue growth, and increase the ridership community. He brings a decade of marketing leadership experience and a proven track record of building highly successful marketing strategies.

He was previously the Director of Marketing at Scandit, an industry-leading innovative software-based barcode scanner solution that provides the highest quality mobile barcode scanning solutions for smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices, where he was responsible for such areas as company recognition, lead generation, and sales empowerment initiatives to acquire and retain customers on a global level.

Shawn’s impressive marketing background and business acumen, proven track record of success, and passion for working for a company that truly wants to enhance the lives of the communities and people it serves will undoubtedly help The Nickel Ride expand its innovative rideshare services,” said Judah Longgrear, CEO and Founder of The Nickel Ride. “His unique combination of skills, experiences, and passion, including strategic planning, community engagement development, and overall marketing knowledge, make Shawn a significant addition to The Nickel Ride’s senior management team. I’m extremely excited about the company’s future and I look forward to seeing all that Shawn plans to bring to the table for us.”

Prior to Scandit, Shawn held various global and domestic marketing leadership roles at prominent companies, such as Cygilant, NaviNet, IDG Enterprises, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. His determination to be the best he could be allowed him to quickly work his way up the corporate ladder. However, after spending nearly a decade in the corporate environment, he decided it was time to pursue a career path with more meaning for himself and is now following his true passion of being an entrepreneur. Shawn’s enthusiasm for success and his burning desire to build something of significance that gives back to the world makes him the perfect fit for a community-driven company like The Nickel Ride.

I couldn’t be more thrilled about my decision to join The Nickel Ride,” said O’Brien. “The company’s concept is quite unique and the growth it has already experienced is wildly impressive. In less than a year, The Nickel Ride has grown to operate in three cities in Southwest Florida with many more on the way and soon, throughout the country. The Nickel Ride is poised to become the number one choice as an innovative and free rideshare service for communities around the globe and I’m extremely grateful to know I’ll be an integral part in helping to make that happen.”

About The Nickel Ride:
Launched in 2017, The Nickel Ride was founded by a team dedicated to developing an eco-friendly transportation service to support local communities while also supporting local businesses. The management team brings over 20 years of combined experience and success from the technology, marketing, advertising, and communication industries. In less than a year’s time, The Nickel Ride has become a leader in urban mobility. Today, The Nickel Ride is quickly becoming a must-have attraction in communities that recognize the benefit this innovative transportation service brings to its community members and visiting tourists. The Nickel Ride’s mission is to be the leading provider in offering free community-based ridesharing services throughout the nation. The Nickel Ride hopes to inspire people to refrain from using automobiles and other forms of carbon-emitting transportation to travel within their local communities. By leveraging The Nickel Ride, people can do their part to help reduce their carbon footprint, reduce traffic congestion in high-density downtown areas, and support local commerce.

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