The Nickel Ride Hires Chief Operations Officer and Chief People Officer to Strengthen Executive Team

November 12, 2018

Press Release

The Nickel Ride, an innovative and eco-friendly out-of-home marketing service that connects your community with local commerce, today announced the appointment of Steven Blanco MS, SPHR, CHC to the newly created roles of Chief Operations Officer (COO) & Chief People Officer (CPO). As COO, he will be responsible for strengthening The Nickel Ride's operations and as CPO he will be responsible for the continued development of The Nickel Ride’s people operations. Steve reports to the CEO and Founder, Judah Longgrear, as a member of the executive team.

Steve brings nearly 30 years of combined Operations, Human Resources and Compliance, and Ethics leadership experience to the table. His background includes a blend of corporate HR experience and more than 10 years of working as an entrepreneur. He has an SPHR (Senior Professional in HumanResources) Certification, a BA in Hospitality Management from Michigan State University, and a Master of Science in Management Sciences from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is also a trusted advisor, having provided consulting services to more than 125 organizations throughout 48 states and four countries.

The Nickel Ride’s growth has been accelerating at a tremendous rate and I felt it was time to hire a dedicated Operations asset to manage the increasing demands associated with our operations across our existing locations as well as our upcoming city launches that will be taking place over the next several months,” said Judah Longgrear, CEO, and Founder of The Nickel Ride. “It’s imperative that we make sure we can keep up with the growing demands from our advertising partners, riders, Brand Ambassadors, and of course, the cities we serve. Hiring Steve is twofold because he also possesses a strong background in HR, which will allow The Nickel Ride to continue to develop its internal human resources and compliance policies to ensure we make the company an attractive place to work for our existing team members and future hires.”

Prior to joining The Nickel Ride, Steve has held various HR and Operations positions for many prominent companies such as Parkland Health and Hospital Systems, Susan G. Komen, Carlson Restaurants Worldwide, Winegardner & Hammons Hotel Group, and Marriott Corporation. While working at the Marriott Corporation, it was at this role that Steve was impacted by the realization that the most critical driver of business results is happy, engaged staff. To this day, this realization has remained one of Steve’s strongest core beliefs in business and is the drive behind why he seeks to build the strongest people operations strategies at every organization he works for. Steve is one of those people who loves working and has no plans ever to retire. Upon meeting or speaking with Steve, his energy and passion for The Nickel Ride’s mission, people, customers, and the communities it serves, is undeniable. He will be a significant factor in The Nickel Ride’s future success.

When I first learned of The Nickel Ride, I was inspired by the business concept and by the competence, business acumen, and enthusiasm of the Executive Team, staff, and Brand Ambassadors in each of the cities it serves,” said Blanco. “As I worked with the team over the past several months, all my initial impressions were not only validated but were also increased in ways that made me very excited. With this new opportunity, I feel very honored and privileged to work for The Nickel Ride and Judah Longgrear, our Founder and CEO. I very much believe in making sure every member of The Nickel Ride Team is placed in a position where they can do their best work. In my case, I will be able to apply every ounce of experience over the past 30 years to help The Nickel Ride succeed, grow, and become a great company to work for. I would personally describe this opportunity to help The Nickel Ride grow, enjoy financial success, partner with communities, increase revenues for our advertisers, provide an important and valuable service to locals and visitors, and to attract, develop, and retain the best people, as a dream job.”

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About The Nickel Ride:

Launched in 2017, The Nickel Ride was founded by a team dedicated to developing an eco-friendly transportation that provides out-of-home marketing to support local communities while also supporting local businesses. The management team brings over 45 years of combined experience and success from the technology, marketing, advertising, operations, and communication industries. The Nickel Ride is quickly becoming a must-have attraction in communities that recognize the benefit this innovative transportation service brings to its community members and visiting tourists. The Nickel Ride’s mission is to be the leading provider of out-of-home marketing by offering free community-based ridesharing experiences throughout the nation. The Nickel Ride hopes to inspire people to refrain from using automobiles and other forms of carbon-emitting transportation to travel within their local communities. By leveraging The Nickel Ride, people can do their part to help reduce their carbon footprint, reduce traffic congestion in high-density downtown areas, and support local commerce.

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