We Are Stronger Together

Be a home for transportation innovation and sustainable solutions

Adopt Sustainable Solutions for a Thriving City

The Nickel Ride’s eco-friendly fleet of electric vehicles makes it easy to supplement your city’s public transit while alleviating traffic congestion and parking tension.

Our app-based ridesharing service provides consumers with last-mile transportation within your busy downtown district.

The best part? It’s free. Every ride is paid for by businesses and relevant brands through advertising in, on and around our vehicles. Everybody wins.

The Benefits of The Nickel Ride Partnership

  • Your city gets greener and cleaner
  • You reduce carbon emissions downtown
  • You alleviate parking stresses
  • New jobs are created
  • You’re supporting local business growth by driving foot traffic to their doors
  • Visitors and residents get a free and safe ridesharing option downtown
  • You’re making your city more accessible and attractive to visitors
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So How Do You Make It Happen?

Our team works with you and your city to assess your needs and implement a program based on the success of similar destinations. We’re your partner every step of the way, to make sustainable ridesharing work for your city, your residents, your visitors, your businesses, and the planet.

Partner with The Nickel Ride

Partner Testimonial

"We love them in the Cape! They have alleviated parking issues and do an awesome job promoting our local businesses. I really cannot see how you can go wrong with them."
Nita Whaley, City of Cape Coral Economic Development Office