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The Nickel Ride is all about connecting communities. We do this with our free, green transportation service and innovative Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising. This provides your city with less downtown traffic, fewer issues with finding parking, more growth for local businesses, and a cleaner environment.


Local businesses served

8 Tons

Carbon reduced


Gallons of gas saved


Free rides given

How The Nickel Ride helps your city

The Nickel Ride will transform the way residents, tourists, and businesses experience your city. We’ll help grow your economy and decrease its carbon footprint. When you partner with us, you can be sure you’re partnering with innovation.

A win-win for community

Residents and visitors love our free, convenient transportation. Connect them with everything in your community by offering safe rides with one of our trusted Brand Ambassadors at the tap of a button through our mobile app  — 7 days a week and always for free.

All about business

Boost your economy by driving locals and tourists to your downtown businesses. We help deliver customers using last mile solutions while providing innovative OOH advertising on the outside and inside of our vehicles.

Sustainable transportation

Go green and leave the driving to us by leveraging our smart transportation and encourage people to leave their cars at home. Ridesharing in our electric vehicles lowers carbon emissions, reduces traffic congestion, and relieves downtown parking problems.


“We love them in the Cape! They have alleviated parking issues and do an awesome job of promoting our local businesses. I really cannot see how you can go wrong with them."

Nita Whaley, City of Cape Coral Economic Development Office

Interested in bringing The Nickel Ride to your city?

The Nickel Ride is quickly becoming a must-have solution in communities that recognize the benefit of sustainable transportation. Our continuing growth is due to our unique approach of partnering with the community and local governments to maximize the benefits of free, green transportation service for residents, businesses, and tourists.
The Nickel Ride is ready to work with any city that wants to strengthen their community.


Free Rides = Happy residents and visitors