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CITIES PROSPER FROM THE NICKEL RIDE's innovative transportation service!

It's Time to Enhance Your City

The Nickel Ride is an innovative and eco-friendly transportation service that is transforming communities by connecting visitors and residents with local commerce. We offer free rides to everyone within the operating routes of our Nickel Rides with the goal of providing a unique experience that riders won’t find anywhere else.

We work in conjunction with pre-existing transportation systems to provide the “last mile” support that most cities unfortunately lack. The Nickel Ride stands ready to work side-by-side with your local government to intelligently strengthen the area’s transportation system.

We pride ourselves on recognizing the importance of growing your community’s local commerce and that offering an innovative transportation alternative will support your mission to help your community to continue to prosper.

If you're interested in learning how The Nickel Ride's unique transportation model can benefit your community, please contact us today and we'll be more than happy to discuss the various deployment options we have available.

Areas The Nickel Ride Can Help Your Community:

  • Provide Free Transportation Services
  • Reduce Traffic Congestion
  • Alleviate Parking Limitations
  • Boost Local Commerce
  • Decrease Carbon Emissions
  • Increase Tourism
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