Get behind the wheel and support your community!

Get Behind the Wheel of Change

Does your current job make you feel like you’ve been sitting at the same red light forever? Are you looking for a professional growth opportunity that finally you on a path that’s moving forward?

If yes, The Nickel Ride is the right place for you!

What separates The Nickel Ride from other similar companies? It’s simple. Our people do. Our drivers, aka Brand Ambassadors are the face of our organization. Our Brand Ambassadors share some very valuable yet common traits. They love the community that they serve. They are outgoing and enjoy meeting and helping people. They are highly reliable and do what they say they’re going to do. They are loyal team members and get along well with others. And lastly, they love to drive!

The Nickel Ride Driver

Why Drive for The Nickel Ride

Driving for The Nickel Ride isn’t just easy, it’s also super fun! We make giving free rides to our Riders as simple as possible by leveraging our uniquely branded electric vehicles and our easy-to-use mobile app while providing an exceptional rideshare experience they won’t find anywhere else.

We provide the wheels

We provide the app

You provide the free rides

"I love driving for The Nickel Ride! I get to meet all kinds of great people while driving, make some money, and serve my community."

Get paid hourly

Earn tips

Work a flexible schedule

Receive employee benefits

Ready to Drive for The Nickel Ride?

You’re the perfect fit for our team if you meet these qualifications:
  • You love to drive
  • You have a good driving record
  • You know how to use a smartphone and mobile apps
  • You enjoy meeting new people
  • You are reliable and accountable
  • You are at least 23 years old

Are you finally ready to take your professional career in the right direction? Our goal is to attract, develop, and retain the best talent in each of the markets we serve. So, come join our team so we can continue to do just that.