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Looking for a way to drive more traffic to your business? Searching for a way to increase your brand’s awareness? Trying to get the most out of your marketing and advertising budget?

If these are just some of the challenges your business is facing today then The Nickel Ride is the right solution for you!

The Nickel Ride has become the newest attraction in local communities in many locations. We are an innovative and on-demand transportation service that provides free (yep, we said free!) rides to visitors and residents in your local community. We’re on a mission to change the way people experience a city and engage with local businesses.

The Nickel Ride reinforces your business’ brand with the local community while effectively driving more visitors to your location, in most cases literally! Businesses who advertise with The Nickel Ride has seen two to three times more foot traffic to their location and have experienced increases in Sales of up to 30% after running a 6-month campaign with our vehicles.

Customer Testimonials

"I decided to advertise with The Nickel Ride because of its presence within my local area and it provides a much-needed service for my business. Not only is my logo on the vehicle itself, but The Nickel Ride offers programs that literally drive customers to my front door. The benefit of working with The Nickel Ride is that I've been able to tailor a program that works for me and can track my marketing dollars."

Kevin, City Tavern

"I've been particularly pleased with The Nickel Ride's professionalism and timeliness to meet my advertising needs. My experience with other companies is the usual, a lot of over promising and under delivering. I've experienced the complete opposite with The Nickel Ride and have been very happy with the quality of their work and of course the results!"

Karen, Market Earth