Let Your Brand Leave a Lasting Impression

Get more for your money with The Nickel Ride’s options for leveraging out-of-home advertising in thriving downtown districts

Tools to Drive Your Marketing Further

Our Nickelytics platform gives you a portal for all your advertisement needs. You can create, run, and analyze your own campaigns, tracking ROI, GEO location, and much more.

Track Ridership

Schedule Campaigns

Manage Promotions

Measure ROI

Track Impressions

Increase Revenue

Timing Is Everything

Getting your message in front of the right people is only two-thirds of successful marketing. Timing is the crucial last piece. If your timing is off, your message (and your marketing money) are wasted.

The Nickel Ride gives your brand an audience that’s happy, having fun, and actively looking for a good time. It’s all just part of The Nickel Ride experience: free, on-demand, last mile transportation in busy downtown districts.

More Local, More Relevant

Talk to the customers right outside your door with hyper-local advertising that covers the busy districts where you want to be. Our ads reach 80% of your local community in ways and places other advertising just can’t go. Drive that foot traffic inside by getting in front of the right local crowds at exactly the right time.


How Brands Get In On the Advertising Action

Connect with riders in and outside of The Nickel Ride’s electric vehicles with advertising options to fit every budget and message.

What You Get

Customize every part of your campaign to match the message and medium that best suits your brand:

  • Custom vehicle wraps
  • Interactive TV ads during the ride
  • Exclusive offers from your business
  • Digital ads via our mobile app
  • Digital outdoor advertising on our roof toppers
Explore What You Get and Design Your Ride

Smart Marketing Is Measurable

We already know that out-of-home advertising is most effective in the industry with a 99% weekly reach. But we like to prove it.

Our advertisers get access to the Nickelytics platform, an online portal to manage your campaigns, track impressions, analyze your results, measure your ROI and so much more. Smart reporting gives you results you can measure, to make better decisions and get more bang for your marketing buck.

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Customer Testimonial

"Not only is my logo on the vehicle itself, but The Nickel Ride offers an advertising opportunity that literally drives customers to my front door"
Kevin, City Tavern

Meet Our Advertisers

Kearns Group_Social House
Carbon Press
Dixie Roadhouse
Suncoast Credit Union
Yard of Ale
Hyatt Place
Birch and Vine

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