We’re Driven to Do Ridesharing Differently.

The cost of being mobile is just too high. We pay for it with our wallets, our environment, and in the time we waste stuck in gridlocked traffic.

And it’s only getting worse.

By 2050, 66% of the whole world will live in urban areas. That’s a lot of cars.

We’re driven to reverse that course.

The Nickel Ride was founded in 2017 to be the leader in eco-friendly, last mile transportation for busy urban centers.

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It’s ridesharing, done better, for more sustainable cities, lifestyles, economies, and environments. From our electric vehicles to our driver employment opportunities, we’re on a journey to make inner-city transportation work better for everyone.

Local businesses and relevant brands get premium exposure to downtown crowds with Out-Of-Home advertising and trackable ROI.
Cities get an economic boost while reducing their carbon footprint, easing congestion, and reducing the load on public transit.
Residents and visitors get free, on-demand rides from safe, friendly Brand Ambassadors that know the city as well as they know how to curate a good time every time you hop in our vehicles.

Who knew a better, cleaner future could be as fun as a free ride?

(We did. Now you do too.)