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What is The Nickel Ride

The Nickel Ride is your free and easy way to get around downtown. We use eco-friendly, electric vehicles to connect you with the community while supporting local businesses. So, thanks to our sponsors, you can now experience all that your city has to offer — and it won’t cost you a dime, not even a nickel.

How it works

01 - Request

Open The Nickel Ride App and select "Request my Ride" — your free ride is on its way.

02 - Ride

Sit back and enjoy the ride. You're helping the environment and community all at once.

03 - Arrive

Feel free to tip your driver — then go explore the city with your exclusive Nickel Ride offers.

Finally, a free ride that drives for everyone


Thanks to our regular downtown service routes, we literally bring customers straight to your door - businesses who advertise with us see three times more foot traffic.


Residents and visitors love our free, convenient transportation. Connect them with everything in your community by offering safe rides to get around easier.


Hop behind the wheel of one of eco-friendly vehicles and cruise the streets of your downtown location, all while making a little extra cash and having some fun with your community.

"The Nickel Ride has become one of our greatest additions to the South Cape. I wish we had known about them sooner."

Nita Whaley, City of Cape Coral Economic Development Office

The Nickel Ride Story...

...And We're Just Getting Started!

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OOH marketing gives 280% returns.
Business growth is yours to be had.