Free. On-Demand. Electric Rides.

(It's not too good to be true. It's just the best idea on four wheels.)

The Nickel Ride is your free, eco-friendly ridesharing service around the downtown districts of select cities. We help destinations get greener while bringing foot traffic right to the door of local businesses. Best of all, you get around without spending a nickel, thanks to the brands that advertise in and on our electric vehicles.

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The Nickel Ride Story

The world's already congested cities can't sustain growing gridlock, pollution levels, and transportation costs. We found a way to start changing course.


Cities Enhanced


Free Rides Given


Gallons of Gas Saved


Miles Driven


Tons of Carbon Reduced

How It Works

It's actually a simple concept. (Not like rocket science.)



Use The Nickel Ride app to hail a free ride. Tipping is optional (and thanking a local advertiser by stopping by is awesome).



Be a local expert, the life of the party, a hero to the environment and best of all– get real employment opportunities (with benefits).

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It’s simple. Stick your message on our local fleet and get 3x more foot traffic (via customers delivered to your doorstep) with the fastest-growing form of marketing, Out-of-Home Advertising!


Out-of-home advertising is the most efficient in the industry with an impressive 99% weekly reach.

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“The Nickel Ride has become one of our greatest additions to the South Cape.
I wish we had known about them sooner.”

Nita Whaley
City of Cape Coral Economic Development Office
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